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Café Montmartre Vilniaus

“Café Montmartre” is located in front of the Philarmonic, a few steps from the city hall, in the heart of the oldtown of Vilnius. Our restaurant was opened almost 10 years ago by Thomas, a Frenchman living in Lithuania since the mid-90s.

We've got two specialties in our kitchen: Coq au Vin, a well-known chicken stew & mussels, which we prepare daily with the best ingredients and utmost care.

At “Café Montmartre“, the world of traditional French comfort food is brought to life by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our family is your family, so come on in and let us take care of you!

We were inspired to open up „Café Montmartre“ in 2013 by our love for our French culture, music, and delicious home-made food. Thomas and most of French families alike have grown up with the warm and amazing taste of onion soup for weekend brunch, and a variety of freshly baked baguette, croissants and pastries over a big family breakfast. So, we thought: why not bring the authentic taste of France to Vilnius, our new home?


At “Café Montmartre”, we're dedicated to serving the most traditional, authentic, and flavorsome French food to our guests. Ultimately, our goal and hope is to transport Vilnius inhabitants and city guests to the vibrant, bustling streets, small restaurants & bars of Paris with every bite...

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